Optimising your production process with Cobots

Collaborative Robots or cobots are, in essence, a robot that is able to work with or among your employees, rather than being shut away behind industrial safety fencing. Cobots can pick/place, screw and many other manual assembly tasks, at roughly a human arms’ length. They can lift items of a few kg in weight and move them at up to 1.5m/s – so very similar to what a human can do.

Absolute Robotics supplies, implements and designs solutions for customers using the cutting-edge features and technology of Techman’s award-winning cobots.

TechMan Cobots - International Awards
TechMan Cobot

Automate repetitive tasks

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What could cobots automate for you?

Getting the most out of a cobot requires careful system design and task planning. Absolute Robotics provides expert advice on the most efficient and fit-for-purpose approach to cobot installation. It also builds systems that integrate a cobot with other elements such as conveyors and storage racks.




UP TO 1.5m/s





Why work with Absolute?

Absolute Robotics is uniquely placed to provide expertise based on many years of real-world experience in industrial automation, bespoke robotics applications and tooling. Our team understands how to design solutions to automation challenges and offers cobots with PLC-based systems that are easily adapted for integration into customer facilities

  • Unrivalled knowledge of industrial automation and robotics
  • Complete process, system and tooling design
  • Onsite commissioning and factory acceptance testing
  • Operation and maintenance training
  • Ongoing support and maintenance